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A Passion for Entrepreneurship and a Love for Scented Candles.

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For my very first blog post, I thought it was fitting to write about me and how I got started on this crazy candle journey. Since I was a teenager, I dreamed of starting my own business. Struggling for years with ideas that didn’t pan out, I was starting to lose hope. I knew that before I could make this work, I had to find something that I was as passionate about as entrepreneurship itself.

I have always loved scented candles and would never fail to make a stop in the candle aisle while shopping. I would go straight to vanilla and sugar cookie. In fact, I don’t think I ever purchased a candle outside of those two scents! I know….boring! I got the fantastic idea one day to purchase a candle kit from my local craft store. None of the scents smelled that great and they definitely didn’t give a good hot throw while burning. In fact, they were down-right terrible! I did a little research and found some suppliers geared towards candle makers. I placed my first order and yes, vanilla and sugar cookie were in my cart!

When that order arrived I took one sniff and was hooked. These were scents I’ve never considered buying before. They were different….they smelled like quality….they were AMAZING! Pink Sugar was the one that made me look at my husband and say “I am doing this. This is it. I found my passion”

I spent the next 9 months testing my first two scents – Pink Sugar and Amish Harvest. I learned about hot throw, wicking, soy wax frosting, soot & smoke, and spent countless hours troubleshooting every issue under the sun. Finally I felt like I had the product I had been looking for. A quality, great smelling candle that filled the room with beautiful scent.

Sugar Belle Candles was then formed. I struggled with what to name my new company but it was important to me to remember that moment of clarity. That moment when I just knew that this is what I wanted to do. Standing in my kitchen, in Belle Plaine MN, Pink Sugar got me hooked.